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2022 | Standardized and implemented secret management for a microservice application

2022 | Dotnet, AWS SSM Parameters

2022 | Lead customer training session on Azure best practices and terraform deployments

2022 | git

2022 | Established, documented, and built team consensus on Git workflows across an organization

2022 | git

2022 | Automated container linting and security scanning

2022 | Snyk, Github

2022 | Built cross environment alerting and monitoring platform with FOSS tooling

2022 | Grafana, Prometheus, Alertmanager, Blackbox, HAProxy, Certmanager

2022 | Built and operate VPN infrastructure for a custom development shop

2022 | Wireguard

2022 | Built and operate VPN infrastructure for a custom development shop

2022 | Wiregurd

2022 | Built/Trained/Ran a Devops practice for Fintech development team.

2022 | ECS, Gitlab, Dotnet, Flutter

2022 | Help build a Platform as a Service for hosting and extending custom Drupal deployments

2022 | Drupal, ECS

2022 | Built POC and deployment for fraud detection for US financial institutions.

2022 | Dagster, Kubernetes, EKS, Metabase

Built out a proof of concept for a next gen architecture for a customer application for review and feasibility testing.

2022 | AWS, Pulumi,, React

Helped a development company roll out a centralized tooling environment, allowing developers to work remote and have consistent access to the same tools.

2022 | AWS, Terraform, Gitlab Runners

Redesigned a filesystem architecture for a HeatlhTech Enterprise.

2022 | Azure, AD, Powershell, Sharepoint, DFS, Sharepoint

Built a crawler to produce an auditable trail of company assets for FINRA Compliance.

2022 | AWS, Kubernetes, Puppeteer, Gitlab Runners

Launched a new product line for a fintech company design/deploying new infrastructure to all clients.

2022 | AWS, ECS, Terraform, Gitlab CI/CD, Drupal

Stepped into a rapidly growing fintech company to scale out and operate.

2022 | AWS, Kubernetes, Helm, Gitlab CI/CD, React

Helped a development shop "devop-ify" their customer deployments

2021 | Terraform, Ansible, AWS, Packer, Java, Tomcat, Docker

Integrated a customer Azure B2C in with a new Saleforce deployment.

2021 | Azure AD, AD Connect, Express Route, Salesforce

Built custom React site with static site support.

2021 | Nextjs, Cloudflare Pages/Workers, Strapi

Built a customized customer engagement platform. With per-person marketing and followup.

2021 | Sparkpost, Rust, Postgres

Presented Zero trust for the cloud at ISSA Capitol of Texas Chapter.

2021 | Azure, AWS, GCP

Provided free mentoring for engineers looking to break into development, project management, and cloud architecture.

2021 | Nodejs

Helped Crowdmouth have a successful launch and smooth operations.

2021 | React Native, Nextjs, Ruby on Rails, Digital Ocean.

Built a mobile aviation fleet maintenance app.

2021 | React Native, Firestore, Sqlite.

Worked with Texas A&M (CVMBS) to help modernize and sustain their Cloud deployments.

2021 | Government, Higher Ed, Texas DIR

Developed of automated tools to detect cloud configuration tools and cost management.

2021 | Nodejs, Rust, Rusoto, Sqlite, Nextjs, Slack, Image Charts.

Helped several customer deal with cloud security incidents for response and remediation.

2020 | AWS, Azure, Gcp.

Helped Texas State agencies migrate, scale, and build applications to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.

2020 | Azure, Aws

Built just-in-time dashboards and integration for executive team for an IT organization with €12 billion annual revenue.

2020 | Service Now, ReactJS, Nodejs, AWS S3 Static Sites.

Worked with a nonprofit to maintain discounted pricing across multiple cloud providers.

2020 | Azure, GCP

Delivered o365 configuration consulting and road-map.

2020 | Azure, o365